Holographic Outdoor Venues


Suitable for the outdoors, weddings, scenic squares, and large outdoor playgrounds
▶ Also available for large-scale outdoor locations such as tourist attractions, scenic towns, private estates, city squares, city parks, etc. Through the usage of technology, creativity, and industrialization, and the development of design through hardware, software, construction, art, and story New York 3D holography has created a “night mode” for a closed-loop ecological show for the night life economy.

▶ In the wedding industry, the younger demographic prefers personalize their wedding venues, making it difficult for traditional venues to meet their needs. As a result, the usage of 3D holographic projection within wedding venues has quickly become popular. A variety of beautiful and realistic scenes allow for the couple and their wedding guests to immerse themselves within the beautiful imagery, creating a more romantic and memorable wedding.

▶ The application of 3D holographic projection technology in various large-scale locations breaks through the traditional theme of tourist attractions and allows for a fresh, new experience for tourists. Holographic projections also allow for a greater number of tourists and a more enhanced tourist experience by creating memorable scenic night tours and night life that allow them to stop and stay.

▶  The integrated use of 3D holographic projection is also perfect for light shows, wood shows, water curtain shows, wall shows, and mountain shows.

Holographic Projects
| Water Curtain Projection, Laser Show
| Building projection
| Building lighting, lighting lighting
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